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Steering Committee and Project Groups at the German International School Washington D.C.

What is the Steering Committee – Pedagogical Quality Management (PQM)?

The following PQM model shows the quality development of the school in form of a circular flow of continuous improvement.

School development projects that are based on strategic goals outlined in the guiding principles of the school are planned and get implemented according to project management methods. Process management ensures that new projects are incorporated in a durable way. After that the implementation and effectiveness are evaluated using a variety of evaluation instruments. Based on the resulting insights the development process can be adjusted.

The Steering Committee is comprised of teachers of the preschool, elementary school, and grades 5 through 12 as well as members of the school leadership team, students, parents, members of the Board and of the Business Office. The Steering Committee receives assignments by the Head of School and the Board of Directors and is working within the bounds of the bylaws of the Steering Committee and the Communication Strategy of the Steering Committee.

The main purpose of the Steering Committee is to steer the pedagogical Quality Management Process (PQM), including:

  • steering the entire PQM development cycle,
  • initiation and coordination of all running school development projects,
  • Selection of an evaluation instrument, development of a survey, and evaluation of survey results
  • cooperative planning of the PQM process in collaboration with all teachers,
  • updating of the school program,
  • coordination of preparations of school inspections (BLI, Bilanzbesuch, Peer Review),
  • conveying ideas regarding school development projects to the Head of School.


Steering Committee Results

The Steering Committee is currently working on the following projects. Some of these projects were initiated in collaboration with the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA) based on the report of the Bund-Länder-Inspektion (BLI) 2014

- concept for remedial German language instruction

- strengthening the school identity

- differentiated teaching based on variety of level in one classroom

- media concept

- inclusion concept

- Implementation of adjustments based on survey results 2016


The following concepts have been approved:

- observation of instructional hours by colleagues

- implementation of core curricula

- social learning

- remedial language instruction at the preschool

- concept for remedial English language instruction in Elementary School and grades 5-12

Please contact the Head of the steering committee Guido Mueller at if you have any questions.


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