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Admissions Forms

For questions regarding the application process, please contact Anne-Lee Gilder at 301.767.3807 or You have the option of downloading the forms on this page or to request an information packet to be sent to you by mail.


Admissions Forms for 2019/20

Admissions Forms 2019/20

> Tuition & Fee Schedule 2019/20
> Application for Admission - New Students
> Information on Add-On Programs

Please note the cut-off dates regarding child's age at the German International School Washington D.C.

> Change Form (for making changes to your selection of Add-On programs)

> Withdrawal Form (when leaving the school DURING the school year 2019/20)

Health Forms
The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene conducts an annual inspection of our school's Health Room records. Students with incomplete vaccination records are not permitted in the classroom. Please support our School Nurse by supplying all required documents.
With questions regarding the following Health Forms, please contact our School Nurse:
Rebecca Horning, BSN-RN


> Preschool through grade 12 (for all): Vaccine Requirements 2019/20
> Preschool through grade 12 (for all): Part 1: Immunization Certificate
> Preschool: Health Inventory
> Preschool: Emergency Form
> SEL through grade 12: Part 2: Health Form

If needed:
> Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication
> Self-Carry / Self-Administration of Emergency Medication Authorization/Approval
> Anaphylaxis/Severe Allergy/Food Allergy – Individualized Health Care Plan
> Allergy Action Plan
> Vaccination Exemption for Religious Reasons

Exemption from Class

The following is the official approval process to be followed by parents and teachers.

Exemption from class in grades 5 through 12:

1. Parents submit a request for leave for their child well in advance of the date of the request, but no later than one week in advance of the planned absence.
2. Under exigent circumstances (sudden illness, death), the above-mentioned timelines may be reduced.

3. Home room teachers are authorized to grant leave requests of up to one day.
4. All requests in conjunction with regularly scheduled school vacation dates (e.g., leave requests for days off prior to or after school vacations or holidays such as Thanksgiving) or requests that exceed one day must be approved by the Head of School.
5. All requests are submitted in writing via the home room teacher and are either approved or denied.
6. The Head of School will provide written confirmation of approved or denied requests.
7. Parents will be notified promptly by hard copy or via email.
8. The original request will be routed via the home room teachers (information only) to the Business Office.
9. The Business Office will place the request in the appropriate student file.

> Request for temporary exemption from class in grafes 5 through 12

Exemption from class at the Elementary School

1. Written request – minimum of one week before absence to ensure timely decision.
2. Please download the Request for Extended Leave form below.
3. Submission to class room teacher, who will comment on the application and assign appropriate school work to your child based on his/her absence.
3. Forwarding by homeroom teacher to Elementary School Principal.
4. Forwarding by Elementary School Principal to Principal for decision.
5. Information to parents/guardian.
6. Filing of request in student file.

> Request for temporary exemption from class at the Elementary School


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