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STEM: „Schnupperwoche“ at the Big School

The visit of the 4th grade at the upper school has been a tradition at the GISW for many years. Here, they get the opportunity to attend 5th grade lessons in order to gain impressions of what to expect in the upcoming school year. This year there was a surprise in science class: the 5th graders were the teachers!

Here are two reports:

On Tuesday the fourth graders came to visit the fifth grade. That day in science class we were working with chemicals and fire. We made the fire with a gas burner called a bunsen burner.

We were working with these items because we were trying to find out if milk has proteins, fat, sugar or starch (carbohydrates).

The fourth graders had fun and hopefully learned something from us.

In conclusion it was a very memorable day for both fourth- and fifth-graders.

by Siena P. (5a)


What nutrients are in milk? That is what the fourth graders learned from us fifth graders during our recent science lesson. They worked hard and were very interested in all the experiments, using chemical equipment and bunsen burners. First we created funny team names: the True moo chocolates”, “The Cowboys”, “Team Utter“ , ”The Rock&Roll Cows“ and “The High-Fats“. With fun and action we learned a lot about chemical reactions and milk facts. We used iodine to prove the presence of starch; (it didn’t react because milk has no starch!), also Fehling’s solution 1 and 2 to find sugar (Yea, that worked!) and sodium hydroxide to prove that there is protein in milk. It was very exciting to work with younger students. Personally, I think “Schnupperwoche“ is an excellent opportunity to get to know students you rarely see on campus. It was a fantastic science class and I hope that the fourth graders see it the same way.

by Amelia F., (5a)

1 2

Josephine B. and Siena P. explain the chemical reaction in the presence of starch.

Benjamin S. observes color changes during the milk protein test

3 4

Robert M. explains the test for fat.

Team work of the “Cowboys”



Working with the bunsen burner…

… a task the fourth graders mastered already.



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