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Four Legged visitors in classroom 6B

Pets have been the focus of the 6th graders science class recently. The students in class 6B were particularly interested in dogs, one of the oldest and most popular companions of humans. Questions such as “How much wolf is still in a dog?“ and „Why can dogs run faster than humans?” were answered by the students. On March 6th, 2019 they were given the opportunity to experience this firsthand. They observed dogs run, play and get trained, to learn more about their four-legged friends.

Benedikt W. reports on the "dog class" on March 6, 2019:

On Wednesday March 6th 2019, students of class 6B had a science lesson where dogs were allowed to come to the school so that we could learn something about them. We had three dogs visiting us named Jaro (Labrador, 2 years old), Lotti (Jack Russell Terrier, 14 years old) and Haley (Australian Shepherd, 6 years old). We started playing with the dogs and learned how Jaro gets trained. The parents told us a lot about the dogs: for example, Lotti's breed originated in England and was used for fox hunting.

At the end, we all played catch with Haley for a while. Then, unfortunately, we had to go back to class, to write a description of one of the dogs.

Although it was very cold that morning, we had a lot of fun!

- Photos will follow shortly -

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